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Link to 1990-2010 global mercury emissions data: [.zip file]

Link to data on global historical Hg consumption data and emissions scenarios shown on the right: [.xls file]

  • Please acknowledge: Amos et al. (2015), Observational and modeling contraints on global anthropogenic enrichment of mercury, Environ. Sci.Technol., 49, 4036-4047.


  • Amos et al. (2013), Legacy impacts of all-time anthropogenic emissions on the global mercury cycle, Glob. Biogeochem. Cycle, 27(2), 410-421.
  • Amos et al. (2014), Global biogeochemical implications of mercury discharges from rivers and sediment burial, Environ. Sci.Technol., 48(16), 9514-9522.


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