We enjoy hosting undergraduate researchers in our lab. Below are some example publications that have included undergraduate researchers. If you are a Harvard college student interested in working with our lab, please contact Professor Sunderland to set up a meeting.



  • M. Li, Alicia Juang ('18), Jessica Ewald ('17), R. Yin, B. Mikkelsen, D.P. Krabbenhoft, C. Dassuncao, E.M. Sunderland. 2019. New insights into mammalian mercury toxicokinetics using mercury stable isotopes. In review.


  • X.C. Hu, Jahred Liddie ('16), X. Zhang, A.K. Tokranov, P. Grandjean, J.E. Hart, F. Laden, Q. Sun, L.W.Y. Yeung, E.M. Sunderland. 2018. Tap water contributions to plasma concentrations of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in a nationwide prospective cohort of U.S. women. Environmental Health Perspectives. In review.








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