Professor Sunderland is the Director for Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for the program in Environmental Science and Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).


If you are a Harvard undergraduate student interested in discussing the program or research experiences, please contact Professor Sunderland directly (ems [at] seas.harvard.edu).


Undergraduate Classes CURRENTLY Taught by Professor Sunderland:


ESE-161: Applied Environmental Toxicology (Syllabus 2019) - Next offered Spring '22


ESE-169: Seminar on Global Pollution Issues - Next offered Fall '23


Jordan Daigle ('22)

Research Assistant 2021-2022


Sarah Beckwith ('22)

S.B. Thesis Student 2021-2022


Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-2020; S.B. Thesis Student 2020-2021

Dean's Thesis Award for Best Engineering Design Project

Now: Fellow, Green Science and Policy Institute

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2020

Harvard College Class of 2021

Daniel Chang ('20)

Senior Design Thesis 2019-2020

Honorable Mention, Dean's Award for Best Engineering Design Project

Now: Staff Water Resources Engineer at Aspect Consulting

Beverly Ge ('20)

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2019

Now: Environmental Analyst at Eastern Research Group, Inc.

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-2019; S.B. Thesis Student

Now: Sustainability professional,

New York, NY

Senior Design Thesis 2018-2019

Now: Doctoral Student UCSB

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2015-2018; S.B. Thesis Student,

Dean's Thesis Award; Hoopes Prize Winner

Now: Water Resources Engineer, ESA, Oakland, CA

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2017; S.B. Thesis Student

Dean's Thesis Award

Now: Doctoral Candidate,

McGill University, PQ

Harry Stone ('16)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

S.B. Thesis student 2015-2016

Now: Civil Engineer/Hydrologist at Bureau of Reclamation, Ephrata, WA

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Independent study student 2015-2016

Now: Masters Student in Environmental Health, Harvard

Jahred's article about his work with us

Kurt Bullard ('17)

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014

Now: Associate Consultant at Bain & Company

Alina McIntyre

Undergraduate Summer intern 2017

Now: Masters Student, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

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